Al-Remah Medical Equipment Est.

Al Remah Medical equipment is a subsidiary of Bader Nasser Al Rumaih group of establishments in Kuwait. Al Remah Medical equipment divisions of marketing healthcare products include medical instruments, lab testing services (food intolerance testing), Diagnostic reagents, and Rapid test kits.

Our establishment is registered as a supplier to the Ministry of Health, Kuwait University and the Central Tenders Committee.

Services and products

1) Medical instruments- our range of instruments differ from various companies to items suitable to serve the healthcare sector especially for medical laboratories. Some instruments include Microscopes, centrifuge, spectrophotometer, Laboratory incubator, oven, and water bath, Autoclave etc.

2) Rapid testing kits and Diagnostic reagents - We cover various types of testing kits which mainly include Allergy, Cardiac, Fertility, Infectious disease, Ovulation and Pregnancy. Our diagnostic reagents are suitable for operation with manual systems and also in some automated analyzers.

3) Food intolerance testing Based at York test laboratories UK and their representing company Dubai Medical Lab, we are their appointed agents for food intolerance testing in Kuwait. A single drop of blood can determine the type of food that is making you ill. This simple test is now available in Kuwait through us. This test has won the Prestigious Queens Award for Innovation 2004. For more information on Food Intolerance Testing, you can log on to  
Dubai Medical Laboratry

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